Overseas Filipinos Remittances for Development (OFReD):

Building a Future Back Home
As Implemented in the Province of Ilocos Norte

Overseas Filipinos Remittances for Development (OFReD)

OFReD is spearheaded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), sponsored by Western Union's philanthropy arm-The Western Union Foundation (WUF) and implemented by National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) for the project's earlier stages, and currently, by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO). The OFReD Project was launched in the Province of Ilocos Norte in 2011.

The project aims to support policies that transform overseas remittances for
development, savings and investments, and build a viable collective remittance fund.

The Collective Remittance Fund
in Ilocos Norte

Collective remittances refers to the pooling of individual remittances in order to create a source of funds, large and stable enough, to finance meaningful investments in employment-generating activities.

The Western Union Foundation (WUF) through the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte (PGIN) and the Cooperative Bank of Ilocos Norte (CBIN), agreed to a fund matching scheme and raised Php 3 Million in August 2012.

Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte

Western Union Foundation

Cooperative Bank of Ilocos Norte

The Php 3 Million fund is designed to financially support Overseas Filipinos-based and initiated entrepreneurship projects that generate employment, sustain and increase their income and contribute to the local development in the process.

How the Fund Works

The fund is open to former or active overseas Ilocanos, including their immediate families,
with new or existing enterprises in Ilocos Norte.

Female applicants are encouraged to apply, as part of the project's gender dimension initiative.

Minimum Loan

Php 15,000

Maximum Loan

Php 500,000

Special Interest Rate: 12% Per Annum


Credits went to fund various local enterprises

Dragon Fruit Planting

Bagnet Making

Hog Breeding


Rice Trading


Watch the video. Read the featured stories. See how the OFReD Project
built a future back home and how you can help out, too.

The Stories


Rice and Grains Trading


Dragon Fruit Farming


Garlic and Onion Trading

Mary Jane Castillo

Hog Breeding

Imagine what else you and I can do

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Thank You

If you donated to the fund, send us your
name, email, and deposit slip to:

Mr. Edwin Cariño

Millenium Development Goals Office Head
(+63)916 655 4858 / (+63)921 750 5050
+63 (077) 770-4192

Ms. Lillian Rin

Provincial Social Welfare Office Head
(+63)920 504 9237
+63 (077) 772-0464

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Mary Jane Castillo
Laoag City
Owner, Hog Breeding
Former OFW

Mary Jane spent seven years in Hong Kong. It was in 2007 when she decided to head back home in the Philippines. Since then, Mary Jane had been participating actively in OFW organizations. Inspired by how her peers delved into various businesses, she decided to put up a livestock business, along with some relatives. In 2013, it was in Cataban that she heard about the OFReD Project.

Now, Mary Jane was able to build the home of her dreams. Along with a few relatives and friends, they have expanded their livestock operations.

Lorlyn Sapaden
Batac City
Owner, Rice and Grains Buy-and-Sell
Former OFW

After fourteen years in Hong Kong, Lorlyn decided to move to Hong Kong with her husband and son. However, Lorlyn's son refused to go, leaving Lorlyn with no choice but to come home. At first, it was hard for her to let go of her work. However, she decided to make the best out of her savings and invest in her dream of putting up her own business. In 2012, when she renewed her business permit, Lorlyn was then advised that if she need an additional capital to expand her business, she could try applying for the OFReD project. Lorlyn's business expanded--helping not only her family, but her neighbors as well, as they don't need to stray far away from their barangay to trade crops.

Editha Aguinaldo-Dacuycuy
Owner, Dragon Fruit Plantation

Edita is a mother of four. Two of her children are overseas, which is the reason why she was able to receive funding from the OFReD Project. Her third child has a cerebral palsy. Her youngest child is a pediatrician, who also helps her operate the 13-hectare Dragon Fruit Farm in Paayas, Burgos, Ilocos Norte. The OFReD Project helped her explore more possibilities with the Dragon Fruit--making it a "wasteless" product. She is truly thankful for having been blessed with an opportunity to generate more jobs for fellow Ilocanos and to improve the Dragon Fruit industry of the country. Over the years, Editha's efforts have been widely recognized both locally and internationally. Editha hopes to encourage more people to improve their lives through the Dragon Fruit.

Carolyn Garaza
Owner, Garlic and Onion Buy-and-Sell
Former OFW

Motivated by building a nicer house, Carolyn flew to Hong Kong in 2007 to work. However, she returned in 2011 to focus in taking care of her children. Carolyn's dream of a new home was put on hold to make way for her dream of putting up her own business. Inspiring her further, Carolyn read through a local magazine distributed in the Capitol Express (CapEx) about the OFReD project. Since then, Carolyn's goals have been set straight in improving their lives and expanding her business. Garlic is one of the best products of Ilocos Norte, and that is why she has chosen to channel her passion into it. Right now, construction of her new house is ongoing, and Carolyn's family is there to see their dreams take shape.